OK, so you’re thinking of hosting a gear party. Kudos friend, you’re in for a fun event! There is no strict format for how these events should enfold. The best way to think of it is a get together with friends who share or want to share, your interest in neoprene fetish gear. Pre-gaming before a night out at your local club. You’ve invited over some friends to have a beverage and enjoy a snack, only this time, you’ve got a custom gear tailor there, taking each guest aside and custom fitting them with a harness, some accessories, jocks, before all heading out together. 

Excellent for bachelor on bachelor parties, unique birthday events, or just an excuse to let your fetish flag fly. HAVE SOME FUN!


How many guests do I need to have a successful Frostbite Fetish gear party?

•Parties can be successful with anything from 7 to 12 guests (or more). It makes sense to invite as many people as you can as not everyone will be able to make it. 

•Don’t forget that you can also collect orders from people who are unable to attend the party and guests can be encouraged to bring a friend or two. 


Ah, Whom to invite!

•The more people there the better the rewards for you, the host. It can be difficult to arrange a date that will suit everyone who might be interested, so inviting more than you expect to is a good plan. 

•Depending on the duration of your party, there may be a limit to how many people can get a custom fitting, but there will be plenty of gear there for people to try on and purchase on the spot if it works for them. Some minor adjustments only take 5 minutes, so premade designs are available for last minute attendees, and friends of friends who pop by. 

•In the end you’ll know who might be of interest, perhaps they’ve already got a staggering collection, or perhaps they’re envious of yours.


How best to invite people?

•We live in a digital era. While a face to face invite, or a phone call can help guests feel hand picked, you’ll have a PDF to send out to your invitees, which outlines Frostbite Fetish, what they’re all about, some prices, and how they’ll benefit from the custom fitting process. 

•You’ll also be provided with a link to a customized private party page on the FrostbiteFetish website for them to check out as well, so email away!! 


How to make sure everyone has a Bitchin’ time:

•Once you’ve got your guest list confirmed, it’s time to contact Frostbite. You’ll need to provide us with email addresses so that we can contact your guests with some follow up questions about gear, styles, colours, and payment.

•Snacks and Bevies. This is your party, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Wine & Cheese vs. Chips & Soda is up to you, as you know your friends best. Be You. If your gatherings are usually BYOB then keep it up.

•The more Frostbite knows about your group dynamic the better. Dave can then customize the party to be fun, sexy, informative and memorable.


What about my buddies who can’t make it that day/night, can they still order?

•Absolutely! If you have friends who can’t make it, but know people attending who are relatively the same build, then they can peruse the website for styles of gear they’d like, and have can be contacted about payment options directly by Dave.

•Reminding people that they’ll get a discount for their purchase that night, and the benefits and savings of the free custom fitting which most stores charge a lot for, will help ensure good attendance.

•If someone can’t attend don’t be afraid to ask if they would like to Host their own party. It might not have occurred to people and it’s a great way for them to catch up with friends and earn free gifts for themselves.


When should I have my party and how long will it take?

That will more than likely depend on you and your guests’ availability. 

If that is quite flexible, or you’d like it on your terms, here are a few suggestions that might sway your decision.

•Are you planning a group outing after? Bar hopping? Heading to the local Eagle? Is there a pride function you want to make a group appearance at? Or is this going to be an event of its own? Staying in with good friends, good music and great gear.

•Dave’s demonstration of the styles and colours and commitment to quality is relatively short. Questions will likely follow, and are more than welcome.

•Each custom fitting can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes, with an average of 15 minutes per person, Dave can see 10 people in 2.5 hours.

•7-10pm if you’re going out after, or maybe 9-12 if you’re planning to stay in.


What is my role in the party?

•Hosting this party shouldn’t be much different than any other on your part. Welcoming your guests, enjoy the company of friends, and peruse the literal or proverbial goods ;-)


Hosting Benefits:

•These are many and varied. You’ll receive a specific dollar value toward your gear selection based on how many people confirm before the cut off date. After that, product bonuses are offered if you’re also hosting Dave, who will likely be flying in for the event.